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Plantar un camp de tulipes
“Plantar un camp de tulipes” parteix d’intentar calcular quants entrepans m’ha preparat la meva mare al llarg de tota la meva vida i, sobretot, quant temps ha dedicat a fer-ho. Mitjançant uns càlculs aproximats i inexactes, vaig calcular que m’havia preparat uns 5100 entrepans, que implicava uns 30.600 minuts (unes 510 hores) fent entrepans sense parar.

A partir d’aquí, em plantejava formes possibles de retornar aquesta dedicació. Vaig decidir fer-ho redissenyant el paisatge que la meva mare veu des de la finestra de l’habitació traçant una línia de tulipes grogues, les seves flors preferides, en el penya-segat que es veu des de casa.

Actualment estic treballant en un vídeo que relata l’experiència.

To plant a field of tulips
This project starts with one question: how many sandwiches has my mother prepared for me throughout my life? Following an approximate calculation, I estimated that she prepared 5100 sandwiches, spending about 30.600 minutes, which equates to 510 hours or 21 days and a half making sandwiches non-stop.

I wondered whether it was possible to return such a dedication. Thenceforth, in this project I decided to do an action of return by redesigning the landscape that my mother sees every day from the window of her room. How? Tracing a line of yellow tulips, her favourite kind of flower, in the cliff that we see from our home.

Last November, I planted 150 tulip’ bulbs and I assumed the obligation of going there twice a week to water and take care of them. If everything goes as expected, this March the tulips will flower. The idea is to be persistent and plant more tulips every year, to make the yellow line grow over the years.

I am currently working on a video that sums up the experience.

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